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Lifetreks offers products and services designed to help you discover the meaning in your dreams, strengthen your intuitive abilities, and become more effective in helping others. Orders may be submitted on-line with a credit card, or we will create an off-line order form for you to submit via postal mail, e-mail, or fax.

Description of Off-Line ResourcesPriceQuantity
Dreaming Insights (book) $11.95
Dream Incubation (audiotape) $9.95
Nights of Passion (audiotape) $9.95
Remembering Dreams Better (audiotape) $9.95
That Dream Again! (audiotape) $9.95
Why That Nightmare? (audiotape) $9.95
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Description of On-Line ServicesPriceQuantity
Symbols Analysis (10) $20.00
Symbols Analysis (20) $35.00
Symbols Analysis (50) $75.00
Dream Analysis (15 minutes) $25.00
Dream Analysis (30 minutes) $45.00
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