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Sexual Dreams
Different Gender

You are having a lusty encounter when it dawns on you that you are a different sex than you usually are. You may look with interest at your genitalia but it seems natural and enjoyable in the dream. However when you awaken the fact that you just spent the night as the other gender is very thought provoking.
  • Most Common Meaning: This dream is seldom associated with an actual desire to be the opposite sex; rather it presents the dreamer with insight or increased understanding of what it is like to be a man or woman. Some have realized something important about a partner's needs which they would never have understood without having such an experience. In other cases the dreamer may be operating from a male or female psychological stance. The gender in the dream reflects "where you're coming from" in a physical metaphor.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Have you discovered something significant about the opposite sex that became clear in the dream?
    • Could the physical difference be a metaphor for a psychological or emotional perspective?
    • Are you coming from the point of view of the other gender these days?

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