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Sexual Dreams
Same Old Flame

Once again you are in the arms of your old love. It may be tender and wonderful, or it may be heartbreaking, but the longing, love and passion are probably intense. You may be very upset when you wake up. Are you still hung up on that old flame? After all this time? What about your new, and perfectly-good relationship? Is it no use?
  • Most Common Meaning: Old lovers often appear in dreams as emotional snapshots. The subconscious seems to take emotional x-rays of deep feelings; especially when those feelings are mixed-up such as happiness and pain. When we dream, the image of the loved one is used as a pictograph of "real love" or "I'm afraid to love because last time I got hurt." This doesn't mean you never got over Frank or Joan, it means their memory now serves as short-hand for your fear, concern, and desire for love.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Do your mixed feelings from the past impact your ability to relate in the present?
    • Are you trying to commit to a new relationship and finding it difficult to feel as deeply as you would like?

Even the thought of a new relationship can evoke many dreams of the old flame, because their picture is on your commemorative "love" stamp. The good news is, the closer you are to caring deeply in waking life, the more likely it is these dreams will arise to help you sort through and complete any unfinished business effecting your heart and libido. Reconsider the myth that true love always hits the rocks. This myth is so prevalent that once a romance breaks up, we begin to assume it was true love!

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