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Sexual Dreams
Affair With Co - Worker

You are having a wild affair with someone from the office. It is so exciting to finally realize that the best-buddy you have at work is now your red-hot lover. Of course, why didn't you think of this before? It's a pity you are both married, but you have such great chemistry surely this was meant to be? When you awaken you may be shocked because you would never mess up your working relationship that way, or you aren't attracted to your co-worker by day. What happened to you last night?
  • Most Common Meaning: Partnerships of any kind are often depicted in dreams in a sexual way. If you have great rapport, good chemistry, and know your co-worker well you may indeed have sexual dreams about them. While there may be some attraction involved these dreams are most often related to the pleasure you feel in the working partnership. You may also be developing aspects of your own abilities as a result of this connection, and dreams often depict give-and-take in sexual metaphors.

  • Useful Questions:
    • How would you describe your co-worker?
    • Is there a side of yourself you might describe in similar terms?
    • Is there a talent, ability or tendency in yourself surfacing right now as a result of this working relationship?
    • Do you have a great working "marriage" or a similar passion?
    • Do you get "turned on" by the same things at work or are you turned on by intimacy; something it takes years to develop?
    • Are your deepest bonds formed more slowly with people you have known for years?

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