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Sexual Dreams
Celebrity Lover

You are involved with a well-known person. This dream lover may be a movie star, a musician, politician, or entertainer. This person is likely at the top of their profession; their name is synonymous with what they do, but they may not even be your type! In fact, although you were drawn to them in the dream, you shake your head once you wake up. What in the world were you doing sleeping with them?
  • Most Common Meaning: The subconscious can use the image of sexual union to depict union or connection of any kind. If you are developing a talent, ability or skill in yourself you may dream of having a fling (or marriage) with someone famous at the top of that field. Budding writers dream of sleeping with best-selling authors, struggling athletes dream of marrying well-known Olympians, and fledgling public speakers dream of sleeping with famous broadcasters.

  • Useful Questions:
    • What qualities do you associate with the celebrity?
    • Is there any sense in which you are coming to develop those qualities in yourself?
    • Is there an aspect of yourself, or an aspect of your partner that reminds you of the celebrity?
    • We tend to project our talents onto others and enjoy their performance. Can you acknowledge the same traits in yourself that you admire and desire in others?

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