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Sexual Dreams
The Faceless Lover

Men and women alike enjoy the faceless lover. In this scenario you are having a wonderful time with a dream lover who makes you feel just right. The experience is fun, exciting and sometimes deeply fulfilling. There can be emotional connection as well as passionate action in this dream. Often it is only after awakening that you realize your partner had no face.
  • Most Common Meaning: Dreams are like visual and sensory pictures of feelings. This dream gives us the opportunity to have an emotional, physical and even spiritual experience based solely upon the experience itself. There is no input here about who your partner is, what he does for a living, or if your friends think she is beautiful. This partner goes right to your core, knows what you like and what you need, and everything works. For some people, the faceless quality reflects the fact that they are getting to know what they want in a partner, but they haven't found the right person yet. In this sense they are practicing loving certain qualities, but those qualities don't belong to a face yet. For people already in a relationship, the faceless lover can be an uncomplicated and guilt-free way to have sex in a way that you may have missed, a reminder of qualities that are satisfying to you. For still others, the faceless lover may be an enactment of qualities that you do relish in your present relationship. Close your eyes and sense if the faceless wonder feels like your partner.

  • Useful Questions:
    • What quality in your faceless lover do you particularly like: such as understanding, spontaneity, or eagerness?
    • Is this a quality that is very important to you?
    • If you are in a relationship, does your partner know this is the quality that pleases you most?
    • If you are not involved presently, should you remember what "works" for you, and search for that in a potential lover?

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