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Sexual Dreams
The Vanishing Partner

It is an exquisite setting (dramatic sunset, velvety meadow, swanky penthouse) for a romantic tryst. Your partner is exactly what you have been looking for and you fall on each other in devouring hunger. Unfortunately, just as you are becoming very aroused, you notice that your partner is evaporating. You try to keep your partner together with a kind of will-power, but he or she is turning to mist.
  • Most Common Meaning: In many cases this dream is linked with frustration about partners in waking life. Some people who find it hard to find the "right one" or a reliable partner may suffer through these evaporating encounters in their dreams. Most of us can identify with the experience of feeling someone turned us on and then disappeared. But there can also be a deeper meaning to this dream. Sometimes the abrupt introduction of sexuality into an encounter actually "vaporizes" intimacy. Some people have little difficulty locating partners, but are less able to sustain feelings of connection and arousal once intimacy begins.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Are you frustrated with difficulty in finding a permanent partner?
    • Do you find relationships begin in a promising manner and then just fall apart?
    • Is it possible you look at things through a rosy lens until you become close to someone, and then are shocked by the lack of substance or commitment they have to offer?
    • Do you feel it might be worthwhile to practice dampening fantasies at the beginning, and proceeding with a bit more realism, care and time?

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