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Sexual Dreams
No Place To Make Love

You and your partner are looking for somewhere to make love. You search discretely all over, finding a likely spot which lacks privacy, or a private spot that lacks comfort. Where in the world can you go? Most of the dream consists of traveling through homes, cities, beaches and valleys without much luck of finding a place.
  • Most Common Meaning: Most people feel that the search for a place to make love in this dream reflects a search for connection and intimacy that has been lost or misplaced. It is a common dream to have after a break-up or separation, or when partners are ignoring each other or the relationship.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Are you looking for love in the wrong places?
    • Are you trying to keep constant something which has already changed?
    • Is there a break-down in communication between you and your partner?

Sometimes discussing a dream and it's meaning with your partner can invite an open exchange of feelings.

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