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Sexual Dreams
The Interruption

You and your partner are about to make love. You may be in your bedroom, or another setting, and everything is going well until one or both of your parents walk in. You stop, frozen, embarrassed and annoyed. The parent may talk to you or do some unimportant errand. Although you are a bit mortified to be caught in the act, your parent doesn't seem to notice what is happening.
  • Most Common Meaning: This dream suggests some element associated with your parents may be impacting your sexual satisfaction or your primary relationship. Typical associations include the need for parental approval of one's partner, choices, or lifestyle. Beliefs about sexuality, satisfaction, love and the right to be happy that have been absorbed from our parents can also impact our intimate lives without our conscious awareness of them. It is seldom the case that the actual parent is intruding; rather something we learned from them, or associate with them is depicted in the dream as the appearance of the interrupting parent.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Is there some belief, fear or expectation you learned from your parent(s) that tends to intrude into your awareness as you begin to make love?
    • Is there a sense in which you believe your fulfillment might be disloyal or damaging to your parents?
    • Since in the dream you are more worried about their presence than they are about your activities, do you worry about their opinions more than is objectively necessary?

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