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Presentations can range from a 20 minute highlight talk, to two-day interactive seminars that focus on helping individuals to attain personal insights by learning what their dreams may be expressing. Audiences who often experience similar strong emotions will find the presentations especially helpful. The following are general summaries. For more specific information and to arrange speaking engagements, please send requests to Speaker Services.


  • Dreaming Insights: How to Understand and Benefit from Your Dreams
    This presentation draws on the most exciting research about dreams, and illustrates the benefits of understanding dreams with true stories of people who have enhanced career success, made scientific breakthroughs, solved matiral probolems, and escaped from abusive situations with the help of insights deriveded from dreams. Topics include disturbing dreams, recurring themes, sexual symbolism, and common dream plots. Audience members will learn how to examine their dreams in 5 steps, and the process by which to ask for dreams containing insights on current challenges or problems.

  • Sexual Dreams: What They May Tell You
    This presentation addresses the fascinating question of sexual and romantic dreams in an understandable and reassuring fashion. What do our sexual dreams mean, and should they be taken literally? Topics include the four most common types of sexual dreams, (erotic, issue-oriented, health-related, and relationship sorters.) Learn how to understand and interpret sexual dreams, and guidelines to determine when they should be taken literally and when they are metaphorical or symbolic. Audience members also learn how to incubate a dream about problems in a relationship, and how to handle unexpected insights about sexuality and intimacy in a positive manner.

  • Understanding Your Nightmares: The Gift Behind The Terror
    Nightmares are among the most fascinating and disturbing of human experiences. Even after awakening and realizing that there were "not real" their impact upon us is undiminished. One reason reCan't return outside a subroutine at D:\home\\wwwroot\cgi-scripts\ line 193. actions to these dreams are not lessened by logical thought is due to the fact that nightmares are comprised of elements and feelings from waking life which are real and which are of great significance to the dreamer. Audience members will hear how to decipher the messages contained in their frightening dreams, and how to diffuse their fearful reactions, and how to identify the special gift so often encoded within the nightmare.

    Many nightmares are typical to certain personality types. There is a reason for recurring themes of anxiety; understanding what they mean, and how to effectively use that insight can help alleviate the nightmare pattern, as well as increase confidence and effectiveness in every day life. Do you recognize any of the following nightmares?

    • Unprepared Performance: The High Achiever's Nightmare
    • Chased by Monsters: The Intellectual Woman's Nightmare
    • Becoming A Killer: The "Nice Guy" Nightmare
    • Forgetting the Baby: The Self Sacrificer's Nightmare
    • The Endless Effort: Redemption Through Achievement Syndrome
    • Hiding the Body: Abandoned Self, or Goals
    • Surrounded by Antagonists: Hidden Communication Problems
    • The Stalking Creature: You Can't Hide From Love
    • Stuck Back Where You Started: Patterns of Self-Sabotage

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