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Erotic Dreams:
The Secret to Understanding Women's Hidden Passions
Some dreams have more to give than others. Erotic dreams are more than just shocking, fun encounters: they have something to teach us about passion for life in general, our relationship with power, and how we are sorting through the labyrinth of relationships. While not all sex dreams are truly about sex, they are about passion: what makes us feel alive and what holds us back. This book shares the stories of women who were empowered by their erotic dreams to heal, to love, and to walk comfortably with their own power.

To order Erotic Dreams online you can order from Amazon Books.

The Complete Dream Book:
Discover What Your Dreams Reveal About You and Your Life
This is a quick "answer book" based on research into contemporary dream themes and symbolism (drawing upon 28,000 dreams and the backgrounds of the dreamers). It explores how personality traits impact our dream themes, and how stressors such as career responsibilities or parenthood impact our dreams. The book is designed for easy access, so that you can quickly see common assocations to familiar themes, as well as read in more detail about personality traits and dreams. The second edition features a new section on nightmares, as well as an expanded discussion of the issue of psychic dreams and why some people are prone to them.

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Dreaming Insights:
A Five Step Plan to Discover the Meaning In Your Dream
In Dreaming Insights, Dr. Holloway shares with you an understandable practical approach to discovering the meaning in your dream. The Five Step Plan is a checkpoint system designed while teaching her college classes in dream interpretation. You will find, as her students do, that the meaning of your dreams suddenly comes clear by attending to particular elements in your dream.

In addition you will learn how to use those revelations to grasp the gift every dream has to offer. You will love being able to decipher your dream messages, and enjoy the greater connection with your deeper mind which results. The benefits from understanding your dreams can be a great comfort that help heal the past, and an exciting journey that prepares you for the future.

Use this practical guide to clarify your questions and benefit more from your dreams.

  • Learn how to find the "gift" in your dream
  • Understand what causes recurring dreams
  • Find out why nightmares can be vitally important to understand
  • Learn the 5 points in any dream which will reveal its meaning
  • Find out how to direct your dreams to help you solve problems
  • Discover why you may dream of the same image or symbol repeatedly
  • Learn how to help friends, family, and clients to understand their dreams

A remembered dream is an invitation to increase your understanding, power, and wisdom.

Book \$11.95 Softcover 120 pages (Read the reviews.) To order this book online you can order from Lifetreks or order from Amazon Books.

Dream Education Audio Tapes
Each tape is 60 minutes in length, and is read by Gillian Holloway, Ph.D.
  DREAM INCUBATION: Asking for the Dreams You Want
Learn how to direct your subconscious mind to help you solve problems, practice a performance, or understand and resolve a conflict. The dreaming mechanism is easily guided to address the challenges, problems, or questions that interest you most. Learn the method used by artists, writers, athletes, and scientists to enlist the subconscious in their most challenging tasks. A great tape for those who want to benefit from their dreams rapidly.
Price: \$9.95 (Read an excerpt.)
  NIGHTS OF PASSION: The Meaning of Sexual Dreams
Find out why you still dream of that old flame, what dreams of celebrity lovers really mean, and why you may dream of affairs you would never have. Discover what your sexual dreams can teach you about the kind of partner you need, and the qualities that would really make you happy. Learn how to tell when a sexual dream is just for pleasure and when it has an important message to convey. An excellent way to discover the answers to your personal questions, and find out what others have learned from their sexual dreams.
Price: \$9.95 (Read an excerpt.)
  REMEMBERING DREAMS BETTER: The Gold In Your Subconscious
Learn how to more easily remember your dreams, and even how to record them in a way that helps you understand their meaning more quickly. Learn to program your memory so you don't have to write dreams down in the middle of the night, and understand those repeating patterns. A wonderful tape for anyone interested in learning more about dreams in an easy enjoyable way, and a great gift idea.
Price: \$9.95
  THAT DREAM AGAIN! The Meaning of Recurring Dreams
You probably know instinctively that recurring dreams have an important message to convey. Learn how to decipher the repeating imagery so that you can heed the warning, change the habit, or gain the realization your deeper mind is trying to share. Find out why a recurring dream may come back for years, and then disappear. Understand how work and family relationships can trigger recurring dreams, and why scenes from childhood and school years are so common in repeating dreams. A great resource to understand the most puzzling of dreams, and a good tool for students and clients.
Price: \$9.95 (Read an excerpt.)
  WHY THAT NIGHTMARE? Understanding Your Worst Dreams
Find out why your worst nightmare may really be your best friend. Learn the three keys to deciphering any dream that frightens you. Discover why dreams are so violent, gory,Can't return outside a subroutine at D:\home\\wwwroot\cgi-scripts\ line 193. and dramatic, and why many of the dreams we remember are unpleasant and frustrating. Learn the meaning behind themes of death, dismemberment, zombies, loss of blood and other trauma. Learn how to handle the next frightening dream you have. A good resource for anyone concerned by strange or frightening dreams, it makes a comforting gift as well.
Price: \$9.95 (Read an excerpt.)

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