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  1. Symbols Analysis can provide invaluable clues to the meaning in your dream. Every dream submitted is reviewed to see if it contains any of the hundreds of dream symbols identified by Dr. Holloway. For each dream symbol you receive the most current information about the symbol based upon Dr. Holloway's personal research.

    Certain images predominate in contemporary dreams, and the associations to those symbols are extremely important to understand. Those of you who want to penetrate into the meaning of your dreams in a deeper way can now do so easily by taking advantage of our on-line symbols analysis service. The dreams you submit will be searched for any of the hundreds of contemporary dream symbols that Dr. Holloway has identified and translated. For each symbol found you will receive a full-length explanation of the most common meaning of the symbol.

  2. Profile Report based on what your dreams reveal about you. A dream is often so significant that a complete psychological workup is possible. Dr. Holloway has developed sixty different dream themes that she correlates to a psychological profile.

  3. Dream Analysis Appointments by arrangement. Dr. Holloway schedules a limited number of telephone appointments.

Disclaimer: These services are educational to help you learn more about yourself and your dreams. They are not offered as therapy, nor should they be consCan't return outside a subroutine at D:\home\\wwwroot\cgi-scripts\ line 193. idered a substitute for therapy or medical services.

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