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  1. Scientific Overview

    For a great look at the scientific and clinical discoveries in dreams for the past 100 years, take a look at Robert Van deCastle's book: Our Dreaming Mind. Ballentine 1994. It is by far the best compilation of facts about dreams and explains the differing theories about interpretation as well as research about symbolism and content analysis. it is suitable for high school and college level students, but you can draw fascinating material from it for all age levels.

  2. Relevance and Meaning of Dreams

    A wonderful resource on different types of interpretation and dream work is Stanley Krippner's book Dreamtime and Dreaming. 1990 Tarcher/Pedigree. This book draws from top experts and pioneers in dream exploration such as Delaney, Garfield, Ullman and Gakekbach. Each chapter addresses a different way or working with dreams, from body-oriented work, to Jungian perspectives to problem-solving. It's ideal for a survey class on dreams, and suitable for community college through graduate level courses.

  3. Straightforward Dream Analysis

    Dreaming Insights: A Five Step Plan to Discovering the Meaning in Your Dream, Holloway, 1994 Practical Psychology Press, is a good guide to making sense of dreams. If your class or group wants to cut to the chase and begin mastering the basics of dream analysis fast, this book will do the job. Suitable for high school and undergraduate college students.

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