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Making a Presentation on Dreams

Need to make a presentation on dreams?

Here are a few ideas to help.

  1. Read Background Articles on Dreams

    The Lifetreks home page link Articles will take you to a list of short articles about different aspects of dreams and dream work. (The practice of exploring the meaning of dreams for self-improvement.) You may print or quote any of the articles on special topics that appear on this site, if you include the author and publishing citation. Topics include modern symbols, asking for the dreams you want, lucid dreaming, dreams that come true and more. These articles are examples of how dream psychology is applied today for education, self-awareness and self-help.

  2. Look at Typical Modern Dreams

    The Lifetreks home page links Nightmares, Recurring and Sexual Dreams will give you a list of the most commonly asked about dreams we all have sooner or later, and what they typically mean. You can use these dream interpretations in your report as examples of modern dreams and what they can sometimes reveal. These examples show that dreams are important, but that they are often quite different in meaning from what we might imagine.

  3. Take Part in Our Symbology Research and Report on Your Experience

    Part of our research focus on this site is directed toward identifying contemporary dream symbols, and the situations and feelings that coincide with them. While it isn not possible to define an absolute meaning to a single symbol that will apply to everyone, we are discovering powerful connections between certain kinds of situations and pressures, and specific modern symbols.

    Here is what to do:

    Click on the Lifetreks home page link Research Project Needs Your Dream. This will take you to our research form where you can describe and then submit your dream.

    • Fill out the form completely and describe your dream. (Make Can't return outside a subroutine at D:\home\\wwwroot\cgi-scripts\ line 193. sure it is a dream that you will be willing to share in your presentation, not something too painful or too personal.)

    • When you hit the "submit" button, stay tuned, because you will then receive an automated response that "reads" your dream and highlights the known symbols it contains. In addition this system also provides brief translations of what those known symbols usually mean in most dreams. You may want to print this page or take notes so you can review and discuss the findings.

    • This is something new in dream research today, and it gives you something different to share with your class or in your report. You can talk about how this process worked for you, whether you agree with the suggested meaning of the symbols and how the process felt to you. Were you excited, intrigued, alienated, or curious? Do you think doing this through a computer is too impersonal, or do you like the convenience and privacy? Do you think attempting to draw conclusions from symbols in this way is logical and scientific, or too cut-and-dried? Because you have been through this experience you can report on what happened, what it felt like to you and make an assessment of its effectiveness and potential usefulness.

    • Finally, to summarize your report, make suggestions about areas that should be researched regarding dreams. What areas are you curious about? What kinds of studies could provide useful, practical information? How might such studies be approached? For examples, what population of people might be studied? Or what types of dreams might be investigated? it is always thoughtful to conclude a review or report with suggestions for areas for future research.

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