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Recurring Dreams
Naked In Public

At the office, in a mall, at a friend's party or on a crowded street, you suddenly realize you're stark naked or only partially dressed. Through some snafu you left the house without getting dressed today, or you simply came to work wearing only your underwear. Now here you are at the West Mall, or in the board meeting incredibly daunted by your predicament. This is terrible, what will people think? How in the world could you have forgotten to get dressed? You do what you can, ducking behind a lamppost or holding a calculator in front of you. Strangely though, everyone goes about their business, working or shopping as usual and although you continue to be mortified, no one actually notices you aren't dressed.
  • Most Common Meaning: This dream usually dramatizes a feeling of vulnerability and exposure in waking life. It is particularly common to people who have accepted a promotion, gone off to a new school, or who are coming into public view for some reason. A new relationship can cause these dreams as well, because when feelings and needs are exposed to another person we feel vulnerable or emotionally naked. Even people who deal very effectively with the real-life exposure seem to experience these dreams from time to time. Despite the sensation that people can see everything about you, no one is really looking! This can be important to consider. After all, people are not worried about your problems, they are worried about their problems.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Is there an area of life where you have taken on a new role - one you haven't become used to yet?
    • Are you feeling emotionally naked in your personal life, or exposed in a personal way?

Consider the way everyone goes about their business in this dream, despite your concerns. We usually feel far more vulnerable than we truly are. Try to remember other times in life when you entered a new arena and felt green and raw. Keep in mind that it takes time to grow into a new role, and that taking risks means feeling vulnerable sometimes.

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