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Recurring Dreams
Climbing Uphill

You may be climbing on foot through rough and treacherous terrain, or driving up an incredibly steep mountain road unable to remember if you have enough gas to make the climb. Some people actually climb up a sheer rock face without the right equipment, finding hand and footholds wherever they can. There is usually some awkwardness about the equipment, the shoes you wear, the vehicle you're driving, and the territory is outrageously difficult to navigate.
  • Most Common Meaning: Anything that feels like "an uphill battle" may cause this type of dream scene. People completing college, going through intensive professional training, or tackling greater challenges are prone to various climbing dreams. Implied in these dreams is the fact that the progress we make will be advantageous or beneficial, there is usually some kind of accomplishment or improvement being sought. Generally when we try to do something of magnitude we must also manage our reactions very carefully by day. You can't wet your pants during the board meeting, or sob your way through the bar exam. As determined as your presentation may be by day, exaggerations of the enormity of the project or challenge are likely to be depicted by night. Author William Styron once said that writing a novel is like deciding to crawl from New York to Poland on your knees. It's an incredible task. Any new area of challenge or a new chapter in life can seem like a mountain we have to climb, especially when we can't avoid this mountain, we have to climb it.

  • Useful Questions:
    • You probably can identify the mountain in your own life by asking what are your concerns in the dream?
    • Are they representing real-life concerns about energy reserves, making the right choices, or how you appear to others as you make the climb?

The worries in these dreams often reflect thought-patterns that weigh us down during waking life. By consciously recognizing the underlying fears that bother us, we can limit the impact they have on performance and ultimate achievement.

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