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Recurring Dreams
Your Teeth Fell Out

You feel something funny in your mouth. Putting your tongue against your teeth you have a terrible moment when you notice they're all loose. You taste a little blood. Pushing a little harder with your tongue you groan as the teeth come out. You spit a few teeth into your hand, and to your horror they all start falling out. You run to the mirror and look at yourself. This can not be happening.
  • Most Common Meaning: Teeth appear strangely related to our subjective sense of power; including the ability to take in and manage new experiences, as well as the ability to speak out and communicate our needs and support our own decisions and preferences. Some researchers believe the loss-of-teeth scenes may deal with fear of aging, or concern about loss of attractiveness, and these are reasonable possibilities. In my own work most dreamers indicate a stronger feeling-association with not supporting their own decisions and preferences, or holding back something they had to say. These dreams recur during periods of increased stress, particularly when the dreamer is caught in the middle of a bind and must try to satisfy opposing points of view.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Are you feeling boxed-in by a certain situation?
    • Have you recently given up on a decision you made previously?
    • Do you feel you must force yourself to make the best of a bad bargain right now?

Discretion is indeed wise in many situations, so don't feel you are making a mistake; you are likely taking the best course of action right now. Consider how you can keep the peace with others while still honoring your own principles, and supporting your long-range hopes for the future.

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