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Recurring Dreams
Not Enough Credits to Graduate

You are in an important part of your life right now, and you do not need this. Somehow your high school has discovered that you never took algebra, even though it was required. Your high school diploma is being recalled, which in turn makes your college diploma void. This turn of events disqualifies you for the job you have been holding for years. You have to immediately go back to high school and attend algebra class or you life will grind to a halt.
  • Most Common Meaning: This dream often accompanies a rite-of-passage in waking life. The person who gets a promotion, takes on greater responsibility or begins to gain peer recognition for achievements or contributions is quite prone to this theme. Many of us are assailed with a sense of fraudulence when others begin to acknowledge our efforts, regardless of how deserving we may be. This dream seems to exaggerate and make ridiculous the subjective sense many have of being "unqualified" to "take credit" for our accomplishments.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Have you recently stepped into an arena of greater visibility?
    • Are people beginning to acknowledge you or your work in a new way?
    • Do you experience a mixture of pleasure and concern that you may be "discovered" to be flawed or inadequately credentialed?

Considered in a more objective light, you may find these concerns are somewhat absurd - like being forced to return to take high school algebra.

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