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Recurring Dreams
Unprepared for the Exam

You come into the testing area and sit down. It is only when you open the examination that it hits you. You never attended this class. You remember now that you did register, but somehow there was a mistake and you just forgot to attend the class. There is no way to pass the test, and no way to explain this ridiculous mistake. You sit there and sweat.
  • Most Common Meaning: Interestingly, the person who has this dream is almost always someone who would never let themselves attend a test unprepared. That is why it can be so puzzling: you are the last person who would forget to do your homework. This dream recurs for people who have a tendency to take on too much and then judge themselves quite harshly for not measuring up to a pretty tough standard. It is most common to people with a strong track record of achievements who drive themselves somewhat hard. The dream surfaces during periods of high stress, transition into new responsibilities, and periods when the dreamer is stepping up to bat yet again.

  • Useful Question:
    • Do you "grade" yourself on material in life that has not yet been covered - which you could not realistically be expected to know?

Although the tendency to achieve and measure performance is healthy, there is a point at which internal "audits" of performance can be counter-productive. Consider whether you hold yourself accountable for too many things at once; or for things over which you have no control.

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