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Recurring Dreams

You are flying high above cities, crowds, or landscapes with intense pleasure and the ability to steer and navigate by various means. You may steer with your hands outstretched like Superman, or keep hands on your hips or behind your back and steer by leaning head and shoulders. Some of us keep arms outstretched like wings, and soar by a riding the wind and flapping. What most of these flying dreams have in common is the intense freedom, exhilaration and autonomy of the dreamer. You may go through a moment of excited recollection when you think: "Oh yes, I remember now, I can fly."
  • Most Common Meaning: These flying dreams are hallmarked by a sense of freedom, exhilaration and mastery. They are most common to the person who does something well, and feels transported by their ability to perform a task. They may also be experienced by anyone who achieves a tremendous sense of exhilaration because of a recent experience. Public speakers, professional communicators, and people in the media are very prone to these flying dreams. Some people have these wonderful flying dreams after a particularly moving or fulfilling sexual encounter. The thing these dreams tend to have in common is a recent experience of exhilaration, pleasure and freedom.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Is there some activity you enjoy that gives you a high, or a sense of liberation?
    • Do you get to perform in front of an audience?
    • If there is an obstacle or problem in the dream, what might be restricting your expression in waking life and how can you respond to that obstacle more effectively?

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