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Death of A Loved One

There has been an apocalypse, a polar shift, a flood, or the stars have fallen from the sky. You see burning cities, people fleeing into the countryside, and masses perishing from earth changes. You drive down the road with flames licking at your tires, then clamber onto a rooftop as flooding waters rage toward the second story. You seem to be among the survivors, but this is hardly a relief since it means witnessing incredible devastation all around you.
  • Common Meaning: This type of dream is definitely on the increase as we approach the year 2000. While everyone tends to worry that these scenes represent psychic readings of our collective future, I find these dreams are frequently associated with a sense of impending change in the dreamers own life. The personal change tends to be somewhat global in nature, and something that changes the very foundation of life. Changes such as divorce, the death of a parent, or a change in religious faith may be associated with these last days dreams.
  • Useful Questions:
    • Are you going through a kind of global shift within yourself right now?
    • What do you think could bring on such massive destruction?
    • If you believe as many do that we must collectively change or perish how might this apply to you as an individual?
    • What do you need to change in order to return to an authentic, responsive and genuine version of yourself?

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