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Death of A Loved One

You are driving along a winding mountain road when you realize you are gaining too much speed on this downhill incline. You hit the brakes and feel sick when your foot goes to the floor so easily. The brakes are gone. You clutch the wheel tightly and steer with all your skill but the car swerves and you know you are losing control. You hear the screech of tires as the car spins off the road.
  • Common Meaning: Dreaming your car is out of control is often a metaphor for something in waking life that feels as if it is slipping from your control. When the steering or brakes go out, you are doing what you know how to do, but the car does not respond. If the car goes off the road, then you may have an impending sense that things are getting even further out of your control all the time. This dream is somewhat more common for men, and is often associated with career challenges and confusion regarding how to regain control over a tricky situation.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Is there some aspect of your life that feels as if it is out of control right now?
    • If you have this dream cyclically, can you detect a pattern during periods of peak stress?
    • Are you driving yourself too hard?

Consider whether an effortful strategy is in your best interest at the moment. You may find a more thoughtful and measured approach would increase your sense of balance and effectiveness.

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