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Break In at Your House

Someone is trying to break into your house. You race around closing windows and locking doors only moments ahead of the intruder who is moving with lightening speed around all the entrances. You keep thinking of open windows and unsecured entrances, and you dash around madly slamming bolts into place. You hear the intruder get something to try to break down the door or wrench open a window and you think wildly, Will it hold? Do I have a weapon? If I dial the police can they get here in time?
  • Most Common Meaning: This theme is one of intrusion and violation. It is most frequently associated with concern that some outside element is intruding into the dreamer's personal life, such as a stressful work situation invading the personal life. This is an extremely common dream for both men and women. Among women it appears to be slightly more associated with relationship and dating factors. It can be useful to think of the house as your self, and the intruder as a fear or a threatening situation.

  • Useful Question:
    • What elements in life are impinging on your peace of mind currently?

Keep in mind that the real-life factors will not be nearly so horrifying as the dream intruder. Things in dreams are always exaggerated, so look for a worrisome but less dramatic situation. If the situation is a matter of your own fears, discuss them with friends to see if you are just torturing yourself needlessly.

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