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You Have Married A Monster

It was a beautiful wedding. You couldn not be happier. It is on the honeymoon that you learn the awful truth. Your spouse has a terrible flaw. He is actually a vampire. How could you not have noticed before? The cape should have tipped you off. But now, here you are locked in a passionate embrace with someone who only wants to rip open your throat. What have you done?
  • Most Common Meaning: Almost everyone in a long-term relationship has these I married a monster nightmares, and although they are laughable when you tell a friend, they are not at all funny while they are happening. In most cases these scenes exaggerate our fears that we will commit to Mr. Wrong and be trapped with our individual idea of relationship hell. The closer you get to making a commitment (marriage, engagement, moving-in), the more likely you are to have some episodes of this nightmare. It is generally processing and exaggerating some basic concern you have about all relationships, not merely this partner in particular.

  • Useful Questions: By noticing the qualities or attributes of the monster; you should be able to discern whether they represent your global relationship fears, or whether they are exaggerations of the characteristics you find worrisome in your partner. Consider discussing the dreams with your partner. He or she may be able to learn something about themselves (be tactful) or they may help you understand and put to rest your worst fears.

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