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Your Death

You proceed through the line at an elaborate funeral and you approach the casket respectfully. When you look into the casket at the deceased the whole world stands still. This is your funeral! You are looking at yourself. Oh why didn not anyone tell you?
  • Most Common Meaning: Death in dreams is most often related to the end of an era, or the shift from one passage of life into another. To dream of death is extremely common, especially when some passage is drawing to a close. Death dreams may be followed by dreams of pregnancy or newborns, underscoring the metaphor of endings and beginnings.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Are you wrapping up some chapter of your life right now?
    • Is some part of your existence coming to an end? (Retiring, getting divorced, going through a rite-of-passage?)
    • Do you see the new life emerging in any other dream imagery?
    • Are you starting a journey, traveling through a passage, or is there a new baby or animal?

Although it is difficult to feel upbeat about such a dream these endings usually accompany or slightly precede new beginnings. These are good signals you are going through a normal passage from old to new.

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