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Child In Danger - You Forgot

You drive off with the vague feeling you have forgotten something. You have your purse. You have got the keys. Your package is on the seat. Still, it does not feel right. Oh no! You forgot your child! You do a death-defying U-turn across traffic and race back to the restaurant or mall. How could you? What if he isn not there? You rush in breathless and horrified at what you have done, but through some miracle, your child is there, patiently making tunnels in his chocolate pudding while he waits for you.
  • Most Common Meaning: Parents juggling careers and family responsibilities many dream of leaving their children at some bizarre location, in a plot much like the outrageous Home Alone movies. These dreams exaggerate the concern that too many tasks may cause us to neglect our children.

Child in Danger - You Can not Help

Your child is in immediate danger from a threat that is larger than life. For some people the threat may be a hurricane, a tornado or a wildfire. In some cases the threat is a marauding motorcycle gang or band of deranged hoodlums. Although you do everything you can, and you are certainly willing to sacrifice yourself if need be, you are at a disadvantage. It is impossible to reach your child, you are outnumbered, or you reach for her hand but the wind sweeps her away.
  • Most Common Meaning: Women are especially likely to dream of something happening to their children. This particular protective impulse appears to be triggered whenever any kind of threat is detected in the waking life. A cut in pay or the threat of a job-layoff can cause a woman to dream her child is falling out of her arms into a ravine below. Trouble in marriages or relationships can cause women to dream of some ominous threat to their children. A change such as a child entering puberty can provoke nightmares in the parent, who worries their connection and line of communication with the child may be in danger. Some parents even dream their child has exitd. These dreams may usually be traced to fears about a change in the child or family; and the effects of the change on the continuity of family life.

  • Useful Questions:
  • Are you concerned about possible repercussions of some change upon your children?
  • Is your child going through a growth change that makes them seem different?
  • Is there turbulence in your life right now such as separation, or some challenge that has captured your time and energy?

Remember that dreams dramatize and exaggerate our fears. Death usually depicts change, and physical violence usually depicts hurt feelings. Use these dream images to inform your progress, not add stress to an already full plate.

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