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Burying The Body

You have to get rid of the body. You may or may not have murdered the person in question, but it is clear that if you do not do something with the body soon someone is going to spot you and you will be charged with the death. You search for a good place to bury or dump it, but everywhere you go there are complications. Finally you find a likely spot and do the deed. it is a shallow grave but it will have to do. Whew! You do not know whether you are more scared or disgusted. But before you can make up your mind, it rains, and the water washes out a hand or arm, or a friendly dog digs up the bones. You are back where you started, only this time the police and townspeople are onto you. They begin questioning you and by the time you awaken, it feels like you have been grilled for hours. You wake up with that nasty, panicky, lying feeling, and think: What was all that about?
  • Most Common Meaning: To most people's surprise, burying a body is a fairly common theme in dreams. In fact nice non-murderous folks seem to have this dream most often. The action is associated with the attempt to dispose of some aspect of your self or something in the past. Talents, tendencies and interests tend to become personified in our dreams. If you decide to give up pottery and go work for a corporation, you may dream that you murdered the town potter and have to bury him quickly before your crime is discovered. The dream exaggerates the extreme measure of killing off some part of life because it does not fit, or because we now find it shameful. In some cases, the body has symbolized the actual physical body of the dreamer and the abandonment physical self care.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Is there some activity or part of your life that you have discarded, given up, or become ashamed of?
    • Have you recently entered a relationship, job, or community where you feel the need to quickly adopt particular mores or values?

If you can identify the thing in real life that has been killed off you may want to consider whether you are going overboard with the change. it is not really necessary to destroy one identity in order to commit to a new one. Integration and Can't return outside a subroutine at D:\home\\wwwroot\cgi-scripts\ line 193. assimilation are better transition tools than sending parts of the self into exile.

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