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Dream Symbols: Images With a Meaning

The images in your dreams may appear strange, but they are all deliberate parts of a meaningful story about you and your life. Nothing appears in your dream accidentally, each component presents valuable information. You may have an instinctive sense that the most baffling parts of you dream are also the most important to understand. This is what drives us to find out more about symbols.
  • The Power of Symbols: Since the time of the ancient Babylonians, scholars have studied the meaning of dream symbols and theorized about their meaning using the cultural beliefs of their age. While almost every theory about dreams has a kernel of truth to teach us, the translations of symbolism from bygone eras have often been difficult to understand and limited in their application to current dreams and life experiences. Not only are explanations based on historical information sometimes challenging to understand, but the symbols in our dreams today are different as well. Because symbols arise from the ground of current experience and cultural influences, many of the images in modern dreams are very different from those of ancient civilizations. We dream today of elevators, planes, parking problems, shopping malls, and college exams. Condoms, computers and e-mail are frequent symbols in dreams today, but they were not common as little as five years ago. Understanding what these (and other) images represent to modern dreamers provides an excellent opportunity to get to the heart of what your own dream means.

  • Modern Symbology Research: The lifetreks project is engaged in collecting, studying and translating modern dream symbols to provide greater access to the language and logic of dreams today. Many modern dreams contain the same images, and these symbols are consistently associated with certain real life conditions and feelings. Although each of us is unique, we can benefit from seeing what we share in common with other people who are dreaming the same dream, or whose dreams contain the same imagery. Certain conditions, stresses and personalities seem to be associated with particular dream symbols. By translating the most common meaning of contemporary dream symbols we hope to offer you a chance to understand your dream on a deeper level, and to benefit from the meaning it presents.

For those of you interested in exploring your dream symbols in more depth, we offer a subscription service for submitting your dreams to have the symbols in your dreams identified and explained based on the most current findings of our research data. This is extremely affordable, fast, and the interpretations of symbols come from actual dream research and study, instead of superstition or folklore. Here is a sample dream and the resulting findings from the symbols service based on the symbols the dream contains.

Sample Dream Submitted On-Line:

In my dream, I am on the way to work when I notice that I have a loose tooth. I wiggle it, and then to my horror, it falls out. Then I notice other teeth are loose and they too begin to fall out. Soon my gums are empty and bleeding, and I rush around wondering how I'm going to handle this or cover it up so no one sees me this way.

Results Received On-Line:

Your dream contained 3 dream symbols which are highlighted words in the following dream description you submitted:

In my dream, I am on the way to work when I notice that I have a loose tooth. I wiggle it, and then to my horror, it falls out. Then I notice other teeth are loose and they too begin to fall out. Soon my gums are empty and bleeding, and I rush around wondering how I'm going to handle this or cover it up so no one sees me this way.

Following are definitions for the dream symbols found in your dream (but you may have used an equivalent synonym for the dream symbol). This information is based on current definitions and insights developed by Dr. Holloway for hundreds of contemporary dream symbols.

blood   Found: bleeding
Blood represents energy and "life force." Loss of blood in a dream implies that some person, situation, or relationship is creating a very real drain on your energy. The vividness of the dream suggests this is more than mere "tiredness" but is an actual loss of your vitality. For women it is common to dream of blood during the onset of the menstrual period. It is also common to dream of a wound that causes excessive blood loss after an emotionally trying time or a romantic break up. In response to this imagery, it is wise to limit activities that drain you as much as possible, and seek out people activities and studies that "feed you" or give you a sense of being restored. If you are emerging from a severe crisis or a problem of long duration it will likely require some time to restore your energies. Be disciplined with your program of restoration, and it will be successful.
gums   Found: gums
In symbolic terms anatomical gums are connected with the foundation that supports our power, particularly verbal power. Some dreamers have determined their dreams of gum disease dealt with a tendency to suppress their own needs, and to remain silent about their feelings and opinions. Bleeding indicates a loss of life force (just as loss of blood is eventually a loss of life). So a dream of bleeding gums would indicate a loss of life force through the suppression of thoughts and feelings, and lack of support for ones decisions.
teeth   Found: tooth, teeth
Teeth represent the very roots of the self, and the values and personal priorities that are involved in our decisions. Dreams of tooth loss often occur when a compromise is made (even for good reasons) which underminesCan't return outside a subroutine at D:\home\\wwwroot\cgi-scripts\ line 193. the self in an ongoing way. The very "you" of you becomes eroded. Frequently something taken on as a temporary measure becomes more permanent and is not a good fit. Then we "forget" that we never intended to live this way permanently. We focus on making the self accommodate the situation. The friction between the arrangement and the self threatens to crumble the irreplaceable parts of the self. The compromise isn't necessarily wrong, but the harmful aspects of it need to be evaluated with clear understanding, and long-term options reviewed.

You can take advantage of this service by ordering the Symbols Analysis service on-line.

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