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Death of A Loved One

A loved one has just died. You are shocked and overwhelmed, and you must inform other family members what has happened. You do what has to be done with a sense of unreality.
  • Most Common Meaning: Death of a loved one is most often associated with some kind of change the loved one is going through. There is also a strong possibility that the dreamerís relationship to the loved one has changed in an irreversible way. Parents whose children are going off to college or getting married often dream their child has died. In the metaphorical language of dreams, the child has died, and will not return home as the same child they once were. In other cases the loved one symbolizes an aspect of the dreamerís personality. Thus your father dying may deal with your neglect of your fatherly role, so that it might be said the father in you has all but died.

  • Useful Questions:
    • Is your loved one going through a period of change or transition; or preparing for a new life?
    • Has your own identity changed recently regarding the role your loved one usually held in your family? (Are you a new mommie, and thus your own mother is not the mom now?)
    • If you can identify the end of a chapter for your loved one or yourself, can you also recognize the new beginning?

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