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Dream 01_201301

Dream of the Month (January 2013)
  1. Title: Underwater Birds
  2. Date of the Dream: 2012 (mailed Monday, 3 December 2012)
  3. Dream: I am exploring somewhere and see many strange things, like birds that fly underwater. They are small and quite lovely, almost like small swans, but grey and black. They fly underwater in a V-formation, like geese in the sky. They lay their eggs in marshes and I find one buried in a mass of wet, black soil and vegetation at the base of a plant. The egg is still warm and the shell is flexible, like rubber. I wonder if it is still alive, if it can still hatch.
  4. Significant life event: I have just begun a period of intense dream recall, which always seems to happen when I am in a transition or transformational phase of my life.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: Feeling somewhat burned out editing and publishing other people's manuscripts.
  6. Associations: I'm wondering what this transition is leading to, and if I should take up creative writing again.
  7. Category: Anomalous
  8. Pen Name: Coquina

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking characteristics: Dreams set in nature can illustrate the internal state of the individual.

This beautifully mysterious scene suggests the dreamer is able to witness the miraculous through a gift of spectacular perception. What lies beyond the circle of normalcy for many is invisible and thus seems not to exist; but this dreamer watches quietly while birds fly in formation beneath the water's surface. Like the birds, possibly her own nature is aligning, coalescing yet again. Because of her perception, her watchfulness, she is a witness to something extraordinary. The egg she discovers may be a potential discovered, a possibility. To witness life is sometimes enough, yet this discovery is also an invitation to allow some potential to take from. If she is indeed someone whose perception and wisdom can bridge different worlds, what then might emerge from her incubation? This dream glows with possibility. I hope she answers the invitation in the ways that are right for her.

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