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Dream 01_201209

Dream of the Month (September 2012)
  1. Title: Rebuilding The River
  2. Date of the Dream: 2012 (mailed Thursday, 30 August 2012)
  3. Dream: I was drawn to a river below my home in the surrounding hills (in the dream), because the banks were being excavated to change the river's path. The job was a big one and the flow of water had been greatly reduced in order to make the change. (That felt significant to me; less water flowing in the river in preparation). I could see where the water used to flow and where the new outlet to the lake beyond was being made. The lake beyond was huge, deep, dark, beautiful and felt very magical. There were islands with trees in the lake. The river scene was daylight but the lake was viewed at night (simultaneously).

    In the next phase of the dream, I was flying over the lake at night with an eagle, physically flying, like a bird. Both parts of the dream felt positive.

  4. Significant life event: I was working late that night, editing medical papers; a job I do part-time in the evenings and on weekends. Specifically, I was completing a job that was a last-minute, short-order request and for which, the company was very thankful.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: Right before the dream - none. In general, I would like to do more editing work and less of my "day-job" but can't right now because my husband is out of work and the editing pays half as much.
  6. Associations: I feel that the dream is saying I am making changes to where my energy will be going and once I'm through this "rebuilding" phase, what lies on the other side will be full, rich, beautiful, and filled with freedom and magic. It didn't feel too far off in time.
  7. Category: None Apply
  8. Pen Name: locumvet

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: When a single element of nature is the focus of a dream, such as a river, that element is often a self emblem, representing the dreamer.

The change in the course of the river likely reflects a change in this dreamer's life path. She may have experienced a reduction of choice in her life recently, but the aerial view in the dream offers reassurance. This constriction is a temporary side-effect of a larger change that will have wonderful results. Her life may feel like it has gotten smaller, but it is actually in the process of becoming bigger. Her tremendous intelligence is reflected by her flight with the eagle, a bird of glorious vision and power, often emblematic of wisdom and strength. Her work in the world is about to help her penetrate the world of the imagination (the spacious lake in nighttime), and to feel comfortable with a foot in each world. Like many gifted people, she will always feel less alive when her talents are not engaged, but this vision suggests she is going to be able to have her practical needs and experience the flight of her imagination in a fulfilling way too. The dream is an invitation to follow the flow of her life, and to embrace the adventure when it comes to her.

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