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Dream 01_201202

Dream of the Month (February 2012)
  1. Title: Pest Control
  2. Date of the Dream: 2011 (mailed Friday, 6 January 2012)
  3. Dream: I am a character in some kind of soap opera. In the opening scene, I am a girl in my young teens being chauffered up the driveway to a private family resort with a pool and two tall hotel towers. I see a family living it up next to the pool.

    In the next scene, I watch as two brothers from the family travel on a barge-like boat many people. One of the brothers pulls out a huge canister of RAID bug killer and begins spraying everyone (including his brother) with billowing grey clouds of insecticide.

    Next I am in the bedroom of my late adolescence, and someone is telling me to watch out for the poisonous heart bug. I see one! It is black, oval, and flat, flitting around like one of those pesky fruit flies in summer. I try to squash it between my clapped hands. I am hunting these bugs when I look down, and under my feet the floorboards are bulging, being lifted up by giant earthworms! They're huge and powerful. At first I try to kill them by stomping on them, but it is of no use; it doesn't even hurt them. And then I wonder if they're really bad after all.

  4. Significant life event: Nothing specific. Just going about daily life and getting ready for Christmas.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: The ongoing task of helping my husband battle his depression
  6. Associations: Is this a warning about the condition of my heart toward my husband? But what are the earthworms under the flooring? I am an avid gardener, and have only positive associations with worms.
  7. Category: Anomalous
  8. Pen Name: AvillaSwendy

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics:

Bugs as a nuisance or contaminant sometimes reflect the energies that eat away at our peace or workable compromise.

This is a dream about what we do when something threatens the idyllic picture of what was expected. The scenes allow this dreamer to witness, evaluate and discard styles of coping and reacting, while arriving at her organic wisdom. Some people become emotional fumigators, trying to stamp out The Other wherever they think they see them. These people inadvertently become toxic in the process, creating a poisonous wave around themselves.

Another approach is to try and stamp out each little detail of the problem one at a time. Those of us who lean toward the obsessive-compulsive camp know this reflex toward challenge quite well. This is very much like trying to control an infestation by searching for one bug at a time and murdering it.

Finally, the dreamer comes to her own realization: some forms are meant to be taken apart; they have a life span and are meant to devolve as part of making way for something new. When we stop the reflexive dance of reaction and worry, we become quiet enough to note that perhaps life has a rhythm, there are seasons to things. Earthworms have a job to do: they plow through the old and make it new, ready for new beginnings.

Even an issue from early life that got under your skin and burrowed into your heart, can, later in life, become part of a much larger adventure, it can become a new ground beneath your feet, a truth to stand on that empowers you and makes you bigger than you would have been without it. Building on wounded foundations is not the same as pretending they were a delight to experience; it is learning to stand your ground and own your truth, even the bits you've spent years trying to outwit or wish away. Letting go of the compensatory moves, the dance, for just a bit can open the way to an entirely new, and very fertile, horizon.

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