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Dream 01_201106

Dream of the Month (June 2011)
  1. Title: How Did I Know?
  2. Date of the Dream: 2010 (mailed Tuesday, 31 May 2011)
  3. Dream: I was standing in a parking lot at night but I could see streetlights. I was standing on a sidewalk as if I was waiting for someone, but didn't know why I was there. Out of nowhere appeared my first love from 15 years ago, a guy who had broken my heart. He walked up to me and put his arms around me and held me. The feeling of love was overwhelming and I felt wonderful. He let out a sigh and said, "Oh my baby." He then let me go and said, "I am so sorry but I have to go. I need to find my wife and if I don't, she will be mad at me." In the parking lot I saw a white SUV driving fast and he turned to walk away. I instinctively knew that was his wife. As he was leaving he kept repeating: "I'm so sorry, please forgive me" I told him not to worry about it and then woke up. (In real life, a week or so later, he contacted me out of the blue, and did ask for my forgiveness).
  4. Significant life event: None that I can recall
  5. Personal concerns/issues: None, he was not on my mind at all.
  6. Associations: I have had at least 5 dreams of my first love before I heard from him years later. They were all true. I dreamed of his grandfather's passing and had the date correct. I also dreamed of an illness his wife has. I constantly ask how and why do I know specific details about his life? He was my first love and I never got over him.
  7. Categories: Anomalous and Psychic Experience
  8. Pen Name: 3nellie

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Dream encounters around the topic of forgiveness invite us to release past hurts, certainly for ourselves, and perhaps for others as well.

The official view of this dream would be that you have reached a point where it is safe, desirable and possible to have closure about this old romantic wound. The psyche is uncanny in its capacity for divine timing, for knowing when a threshold of understanding and healing is ahead. Dreams provide us with the opportunity for real and lasting healing through the movies of the mind, which might otherwise be impossible.

Less widely accepted however, is the possibility that we do somehow have spiritual meetings with those we love, and that we are graced with the gift of giving and receiving love and freedom to one another, regardless of the passage of time, circumstance, or the boundary of life and death. This is a profoundly personal experience, and a theory that rests on spiritual belief, so it should never be imposed on any dreamer, but it is the theory I have come to accept. Some teachers say that genuine feeling, without intent to manipulate or harm, uplifts our thoughts and allows them to connect with those we love. When this happens in the dream state, then perhaps it is natural that a dream encounter will occur. Another wise friend advises to accept the gifts our dreams bring, and embrace their healing, without demanding to know why this happens or how it all works. Each of us is about the business of discovering we are larger than our physical selves, wiser than our thoughts, and that we can love without attachment far beyond the edges of our wounded hearts. Surely the truth of our miraculous spirits is most important gift to embrace.

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