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Dream 01_201103

Dream of the Month (March 2011)
  1. Title: The Trip To Nowhere
  2. Date of the Dream: (mailed Tuesday, 15 February 2011)
  3. Dream: I have a recurring dream. The dream changes, but I am always in a hotel, sometimes with my children, (usually younger in the dreams than they are now; now they are grown and gone). Sometimes I am alone, sometimes with unknown individuals or friends.

    I love your book, The Complete Dream Book, and keep it in my bathroom so I can go through it each morning to see what my dreams were all about. Lots of dog-eared pages in the book: overcoming obstacles, wrong roads, water, dogs, snakes, some lucid dreams, but no hotels.

    It's almost like I am going somewhere but not going anywhere, maybe that's the point. Sometimes in the dream I need to go to the bathroom and am able to find a bathroom, other times I can't. Last night in my dream, my kids were with me; we were at an event and needed to go to the bathroom so we went next door to a hotel/motel and found an empty room. Everything was perfect until the person who really had the room came back.

  4. Significant life event: Analyzing this myself after putting it down in words, I would say that I am not happy in my personal life, have been involved with a couple of men who I really would have gone anywhere and done anything with but they chose to leave.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: Yesterday was Valentines, not my favorite day, as I am currently alone and would like to find someone that I would like to be with who wants to be with me, but I have dreams about hotels or being on trips and not getting anywhere pretty often
  6. Associations: I'm going "nowhere", this was a good way to rethink what my dreams may be about. Before I wrote down my thoughts I couldn't figure out why I keep having this dream.
  7. Category: Recurring
  8. Pen Name: Miss Tracy

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Hotels often represent a sense of impermanence around an important life situation.

Recurring dreams of hotels are common to folks who have adopted a temporary measure and have stayed there without noticing how much time has passed. The dreaming mind attempts to highlight this drifting decision by setting the action in a hotel. We all do this and it is neither right nor wrong: sometimes it would serve our ultimate goals and fulfillment if we reassessed the situation, or made a commitment to permanence.

I see these dreams in my practice most often in this way: Either the dreamer has drifted along with a temporary measure for years without realizing it, or they have made a decision to stay, but have not formally committed or put down roots. It is sometimes this rootless feeling that the dreaming mind takes issue with. Only the dreamer can determine which of these situations resonates with her situation; but small adjustments can trigger larger openings of creativity and satisfaction, so it is very worthwhile to examine these questions.

The other clue this dream provides is the recurring image of trying to find a bathroom. Most frequently, there is a need for self-expression, self-care, private time and a sense of authenticity that the dreamer craves. This smaller clue causes me to suspect this is a dream of a temporary situation that has been drifting for some time. If the dreamer can consider what kinds of self-expression feel like they are missing, and what temporary measure has become long-term, she can then evaluate what she may have outgrown, or what she wishes to make permanent.

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