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Dream 01_201102

Dream of the Month (February 2011)
  1. Title: The Horse On The Loose
  2. Date of the Dream: 2011 (mailed Monday, 3 January 2011)
  3. Dream: I am shopping with my mother when we receive word there is a horse on the loose inside the store. Somehow it seems to be our horse! We spot it, just as it is moving into another store. We finish our shopping and head to the other store. We look for the horse but don’ t see it. We ask the employees there, and they explain that the horse was taken away. One of the employees uses sports lingo to explain what they did to get rid of the horse. I understand the baseball terms, but I am lost with the NASCAR terms.

    I leave then and find myself at a location where I must pass through a metal detector, holding my plastic shopping bag in hand. I begin to place the metal I have with me into a basket. The security guy then takes out some dental floss, which he had trouble cutting off, and hands it to me. I floss, and he then hands me a piece of tape. I put the tape over the area I just flossed and a bit of blood comes off on the tape as well as a piece of hair. The security guy then puts this into a Ziploc bag. He starts to talk about transportation security administration practices and how he has found out what they are really all about.

  4. Significant life event: No.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: Stress with my current job, stress about thinking of going to a new job that I might be offered, concerns about a clogged sink, concerns about getting my house cleaned.
  6. Associations: None.
  7. Category: None Apply
  8. Pen Name: Sperlock

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Dreams of passing through gates, screening or security often reflect concern about impending changes.

This dream features two standout elements: something on the loose in an unusual way, (horse loose in store) and something restricted in an unusual way (dreamer passing through screening device, forced even to floss his teeth!)

When some part of the self that is typically contained breaks free, one of the first things we feel is confusion. Where did this bolting-from-the-corral energy come from? Who or what restricted it? Now that it has jumped the fence and is running amok, what does it want? Although The Great Escape theme is always a good sign for the psyche, it can bring familiar comforts into question. The dreamer is startled as he's trying to make some choices (shopping) perhaps with some wisdom related to mom as a point of reference. He recognizes a dynamic potential that belongs to him (the horse), yet as he tries to track down the mystery surrounding it, he encounters trendy double-speak. Sports talk and NASCAR terms are guy-talk, so one possibility is that his potentials have been corralled by expectations associated with burdens often culturally placed on men.

Whatever choices he's weighing, he faces not only his preferences, but his challenges of passing through the gate, the granting of some permission, some validation. Part of him may feel he should go for it, like the spirited horse, and part of him is diligently submitting to scrutiny at the gate, showing his metal, flossing his teeth, diminishing his wounds. (Evidence of blood loss is sealed in a Ziploc bag.) The potency he carries with him is like the magic of the hero’ s journey: he recognizes his own galloping potential, and he recognizes nonsense when he hears it. Seeing through appearances to the alchemy of life, or the gamesmanship of the day, is part of what moves us into mastery and choice. Moreover, he can see through the many rituals that surround our decisions to change. We must research, make contacts, fill out forms, audition for approval, and pass through intense bastions of protocol to make almost any external change in our lives. None of that really matters, and none of it need be an impediment, providing the reference point for the decisions is one that serves the wild heart as well as the brave and decent workman.

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