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Dream 01_201008

Dream of the Month (August 2010)
  1. Title: Turtles Going Home
  2. Date of the Dream: 2010 (mailed Thursday, 29 July 2010)
  3. Dream: I am with my sister in an area that has a concrete floor, now covered in green grass and tall flowering plants. This place was once a building, but now nature is taking it back. The sunlight is warm and bright. As I talk to my sister about a man she likes, I turn and see 9 or 10 blue turtles making their way down the concrete and back to the shoreline. I did not know there was a lake by us, but as I turn around, I see the clear water. I turn back to look at the mother turtle and make sure she has two babies with her. The turtles had been stuck on the barren concrete for too long, and can finally return to their true home. I see one of the turtles has now transformed into a human, but is still covered in the blue green colors. They enter the water. I look at my sister and she shows me a fuzzy yellow caterpillar with black ink lines that she is holding in her right hand. She places it on one of the plants so it can follow its natural life cycle.

  4. Significant life event: None that I can think of.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: There has been added financial stress in my life the past few weeks.
  6. Associations: I think the dream is showing me that despite my hardships now, I am going in the "natural" direction for me.
  7. Category: Recurring
  8. Pen Name: Boondean

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: The shift from concrete to nature implies a move toward natural life for the dreamer.

Turtles combine a hearty ancient power, with a need for specific habitat and protection. Blue is often the color of a long-held personal truth. These blue-green turtles hint that the dreamer is accepting a profound truth about herself, her abilities and her passions: she is embracing and forgiving the old, (blue) while endorsing and empowering the new manifestation of this energy (green). This may be an area where she has experienced profound wounding on the past, but what seemed lost is now re-emerging and marching toward water.

Turtles are almost always Self-emblems in dreams, and they are almost always sacred aspects of our energy. This energy producing offspring is a highly encouraging sign. If this dreamer is experiencing an ending or a symbolic death, she must remain aware that it is also a birth, a beginning, even a salvation. The caterpillar is of course a symbol of transformation – the creature must surrender to become its glorious flying counterpart. The yellow fuzziness implies intuition and fuzzy logic: the black ink lines suggest writing or “making real” what is intuited. The disintegrating structures in life are giving way to the emergence of something even more real. It will take courage and fire to embrace this, but the future can be incredible and far better than the past, if she takes up the challenge.

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