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Dream 01_201007

Dream of the Month (July 2010)
  1. Title: The Crossover
  2. Date of the Dream: 2010 (mailed Saturday, 26 June 2010)
  3. Dream: I have been having a recurring dream for over a month that I am wearing women's clothes, makeup, and assorted wigs while progressing through various stages of a relationship with my fiancee. I have been

    with my fiancee in every one of my dreams. We would go to makeup stores, dress shops, or travel. In the dreams my fiancÚ and I share clothes and makeup. The dreams stopped for about three nights, but they came back. I am happy in the dreams. The only time I wasn't wearing a dress was to go to work, and at our wedding I wore a tuxedo.

  4. Significant life event: I am getting divorced from an abusive and manipulative woman. I met my soulmate and I am getting married to her soon. I moved in with her shortly before the dreams started.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: I am getting divorced from an abusive and manipulative woman. I met my soulmate and I am getting married to her soon. I moved in with her shortly before the dreams started.
  6. Associations: none
  7. Categories: Anomalous and Recurring
  8. Pen Name: sharpman74

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: A change in costume and hair covering indicates a change in identity and focus.

This is a dream of positive join-up. While it is tempting to jump off the deep end speculating about the significance of the feminine clothing, the dream unfolds more authentically if we begin with the theme of change itself. When we make changes in relationship, ideally, they allow us to become more comfortable and free in ourselves. Remember that in our dreams, the costumes we wear and the dwellings that house us reflect our current circumstances and focus. Women who fall in love with veterans sometimes dream of going about dressed in military garb, and adult children who welcome their aged parents into their home may dream they are suddenly housed in an assisted-living facility. These images do not necessarily reflect a permanent preoccupation; but they are the flag we are flying while we gear up and make an important commitment. When the change is a difficult one, these dreams are draining and frustrating; when the change is a relief to the individual, then the dream is a positive one. Particularly in the early stages of partnership or commitment, we dream of the characteristics of the partner or organization we are joining and we take them on ourselves. In later dreams, a kind of sorting occurs in which we absorb some of the traits of the new partnership and filter those that feel less congruent with the self. This dreamer is delighted with his engagement and feels able to change, explore, express and expand without fear of reprisal or punishment. For now, he is enjoying the feminine and may feel he is marrying his best friend as well as his soul mate. Over the course of the next year, he will identify variables that support his authentic self, and discard others, tailoring a life from the truths he discovers along the way, supported by a loving relationship and a deepening confidence in his freedom to choose without criticism.

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