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Dream 01_201006

Dream of the Month (June 2010)
  1. Title: Bad Water
  2. Date of the Dream: 2010 (mailed Friday, 28 May 2010)
  3. Dream: I was sitting outside in a yard belonging to someone else, and three blue jays started squawking loudly. There was a bird feeder filled with water for them to drink from, but when they flew up to it to drink, they would fly away and squawk again. As I was watching this, a beautiful and strange looking golden yellow bird flew to the dish, and lifted it up for me to see that the bowl was full of water with leaves and crud floating in it. I then realized that the water tasted bad to the birds, which is why they were squawking. There was a hose connected to the bowl, and the hose was connected to somebody's house, which was feeding it the water. I tried to refill the bowl with clean water from the house, but the bowl itself was dirty. I also knew that even though the water coming from the house was clean, the water itself tasted bad to the birds.
  4. Significant life event: none
  5. Personal concerns/issues: My husband and I were both awake, and having trouble falling back asleep, and we started talking about our kids. I told him I was burnt out and felt I had no more creativity left in me. He told me I needed to learn to absorb love, that I had a hard time doing that, and then I could be more present with the kids. The last thought I had before going to bed was that I need to learn to show and express love in my own way, not in the way I think I'm supposed to.
  6. Associations: I was thinking that maybe the water is love, and that the birds either represented my kids, or parts of myself. The hose being connected to the house of someone else is why the water tasted bad, or why love when it doesn't come from truly who you are is not nourishing to anyone.
  7. Category: None Apply
  8. Pen Name: Ola

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Contaminated water frequently reflects emotional toxicity that may be impacting the dreamer's perspective.

This is a dream of “habitat,” one of the most common themes for adult women in North America. In these dreams, animals, fish or birds lack an essential and life-sustaining ingredient in their habitat. The creatures represent the dreamer, who lacks something vital to her happiness and wellbeing, in a fashion that is invisible, yet has been depleting her for some time. Birds frequently represent the mental and spiritual perspectives of the dreamer – quickness of understanding, clarity of thought and speech, as well as the freedom to make intuitive leaps.

The core of this dream is that the bird feeder has gotten dirty and is no longer providing suitable water for these birds. This suggests that her own sustenance is being compromised by an emotional contaminant that is unnecessary, and that can be changed by her own awareness and intention.

Birds are the soul totems in this dream. The dreamer may not realize the extent to which self-expression; spiritual freedom, communication and fellowship are necessary to her. The golden bird reveals the nature of the difficulty to her. The implicit solution is cleaning and clearing. Releasing, forgiving the past, moving boulders away from the stuck places and bringing in fresh ideas, opportunities and movement into her life. She needs an outlet for her glorious expression, and an inlet for the adventurous ideas she craves. If she can strike this balance, the whole of her life will again shine and become clear.

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