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Dream 01_201003

Dream of the Month (March 2010)
  1. Title: Lost Car
  2. Date of the Dream: 2010 (mailed Tuesday, 23 February 2010)
  3. Dream: I drove to visit a friend, parked my car, got out and locked the doors. It was a quiet area; she lived in my old neighborhood, where I had lived as a child, (not where she actually lives now). She seemed busy. A woman came in and my friend had to talk with her. This other woman was wearing Native American clothing. I waited. They came out and another woman came in, also wearing Native American clothing. At this point, I was getting upset and wanted to leave. My friend was counseling these women for some reason. I also noticed I was wearing similar clothing. I went down some long steps that had not been there earlier, and tried to find my car. It was gone! I went back up, and then back down, still looking for my car. A man came to me and took me to an office. In the office, there were two men in suits who had apparently impounded my car. They had impounded my car because, they said, I had abandoned it. I was mad; one man said something to me about fighting for my rights.
  4. Significant life event: Writing a thesis paper
  5. Personal concerns/issues: How well did I do, feedback, etc.
  6. Associations: I could have done better
  7. Category: Anomalous
  8. Pen Name: Joy

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: The loss of a parked car can signal the awakening of your “original” or destined identity.

This dreamer is in the process of embracing the life she was meant to live. Lost parked car dreams typically occur when we lose interest in our constructed life, and re-engage with the richness of our deepest nature. This deeper life can be called your destiny; some dream-workers call it a return to the Aboriginal or “Native” self. This is like an embrace of the very soul you came in with, the personality grants permission for the spirit to be its truest self. When this happens we dream of indigenous people, or characters dressed in tribal garb. Small wonder then, that this dream features counseling sessions for women who are seeking their “Native” lives; all happening in the neighborhood where the dreamer was a child herself. The closer we get to the “real thing” in life, the more likely we are to encounter frustrations and doubts, to feel as if we are being sucked back into the quicksand. This, however, is simply a bluff, a test. If you calmly stick with your intention and plan, you will find that events, people, and your own moods straighten out as well. You can count on things getting rocky; but you can also trust your ongoing determination and love for your true path to guide you through.

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