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Dream 01_201001

Dream of the Month (January 2010)
  1. Title: The Hospital Stay
  2. Date of the Dream: 2009 (mailed Wednesday, 23 December 2009)
  3. Dream: I am lying on a hospital bed in a small room. I hear the phone ring on a table to my right. I do not answer the call because I do not feel well. I hear a surgeon leave a message for me. He says, “You are not responding to the treatment we have been giving you. I will be down to remove the current treatment and surgically install a new, more aggressive therapy for you.”

    I turn and look at my left shoulder and heart area. I know he will come and place a short, half-inch wide tube into that spot. I have been hooked up to two very thin, long, tangled tubes attached from my heart area and to the ceiling, carrying blood. The doctor feels I am not receiving what I need from them, so a new tube is needed for healing, which will carry the blood directly into my body. I suddenly feel nauseated and grab a small purple waste can. I throw up inch-wide, purple, alphabet blocks and clear water into the trash. A kind nurse in a white dress is next to me and helps me to see what I could not stomach.

  4. Significant life event: Nothing significant.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: I fell asleep wanting to know the best direction professionally for my life now.
  6. Associations: I could see that there are puns in this dream - did not answer the call, current ways of understanding are not getting through to me; a more direct approach is required, and what I am having trouble digesting. I do not remember exactly what I threw up, but they seemed like children's alphabet blocks in purple. I remember having some like this when I was small. Purple has always been my favorite color (it is also showing up in dreams a lot lately) and(I just thought of this)at one time wanted to pursue being a children's book writer and illustrator. I did shelf it years ago in search of a more 'stable' job. Ah, maybe this is the rejection I am to take a second look at.
  7. Category: Recurring
  8. Pen Name: Boondean

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Hospital settings often reflect the need to attend to some wound of the spirit or emotions.

This dream shows the factors that have inhibited this dreamer's healing of a wound, and suggest what action or posture might prove more effective for her.

Although she is aware of a call coming in (perhaps a calling) she tries to avoid it because she does not feel quite right. Many of us avoid our calling because we believe that we should feel somehow empowered or invulnerable around it. Precisely the opposite tends to be true. The closer to the heart our calling lies, the more complex and inhibited we may feel towards it.

This dream implies that life force (blood) is not circulating as it should, and that more aggressive aliveness and action are called for if this wound is to be healed. The dreamer apparently needs a more open conduit for inspiration as well as more aggressive action to feel whole and solid again.

When we postpone a calling or avoid responding to inspiration, we accumulate fear, which can build up and turn a reasonable impulse to explore and express talent into a barbed-wire fence that wounds us anew each time we approach it. This is how creative work or the completion of an accrediting project turn into monsters in the psyche. The dread of our own self-expression then maintains the monster guarding the gate. We are drained by this arrangement (notice the poor circulation of blood and life force).

Finally, the dreamer must reject the “blocks” to her creativity, and stop wasting them. (What we vomit in dreams is the toxin or the inhibition that is antithetical to our healing and progress). The need to express what is trying to come alive through us is a very real and often sacred impulse. This does not mean we must be foolhardy, grandiose or expect an avalanche of wealth. Only that we should answer the call, let the inspiration find form, and freely share the gifts we have to uplift the world as they may. do not expect it to be easy or fluid as you move through your blocks and break the barriers. Just do it, and trust. Eventually, the process will become lighter, free from fear, and filled with celebration.

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