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Dream 01_200910

Dream of the Month (October 2009)
  1. Title: Stop Digging Your Potatoes
  2. Date of the Dream: 2009 (mailed Monday, 28 September 2009)
  3. Dream: I was digging in dirt, I remember wondering why I was digging, I could see the dirt falling back into hole and I just kept digging, finally I found small white potatoes. That was it, I woke the next morning with a clear picture of the dream.
  4. Significant life event: A year and half ago I quit my job to stay home with my family. A dream of mine since my first daughter was born 14 years ago. It was a very large leap for me to let go of my job, which I did not like but I am a very responsible person who liked the paycheck, but it was literally making me sick. So we decided it was time so I jumped. I have since started writing, a life long passion of mine.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: I am always wondering what to do next with my life, although I am very commited to staying home right now. But I am always wondering about what's next for me. Will I make money again? And how? I am determined it will be while I do a passion, I am just not sure how or if I am good enough.
  6. Associations: One day while reading "Start Where You Are", by Chris Gardner, just within a day of my dream, I came across his Lesson #6, it read "Stop Digging Your Potatoes". I felt the air around me come to a stand still as I reread the words. His lesson reads that you should stop standing on the sidelines of your life dream wondering if your ready or not, and just jump. It was a childhood phrase used for jump rope games, Stop digging your potatoes was what the kids said to each other if a kid would not just jump into the game. Last week I actually got to meet Chris Gardner, he was in our town doing his speech for a United Way kickoff, I was able to tell him about my experience with his lesson #6 while he signed my book. It was one of my greatest moments, meeting the author of a book about the very thing I have so much passion for. Finding ones way in life. I was able to tell him I am for sure in pursuit of my own happiness, and am not going to be afraid to jump again. I am still not sure what I am jumping into now though, or if the dream was in reference to my last leap when I quit my job to stay home. Stop digging your potatoes is my new mantra though. It was very significant, the dream, the book, and than being able to actually meet him, all within a months time.
  7. Category: Psychic Experience
  8. Pen Name: t'sdream

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: An endless task that is never completed can represent an approach that keeps one busy but does not get results.

In conjunction with the dreamer's enlightened discussion of the circumstances surrounding this dream, we have a chance to witness the way the psyche digests and distills the gems of wisdom we encounter by day.

Digging in dirt that refills itself is a classic form of the endless task, frequently seen in dreams and mythology. Remember the hero who pushed the rock up the hillside and began all over again when it inevitably rolled to the bottom? Besides futility, there is often a dulling of the imagination and a loss of identity with the endless task. Notice that the dreamer cannot remember why she is digging. This dreamer is going through a flash of brilliance, when a pattern is recognized, evaluated and shifted in a brief time period. Change through realization is not without its challenges, but it is a time when we are capable of harnessing powers we never imagined we had. When change is ushered in by coincidence and it flashes through you like lightening, there an opportunity to make a lasting life change. This dreamer is making the most of this window opening, and is beginning a whole new life, if she so chooses.

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