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Dream 01_200905

Dream of the Month (May 2009)
  1. Title: Riding A Black Cow
  2. Date of the Dream: 2009 (mailed Friday, 17 April 2009)
  3. Dream: My boyfriend and I are walking along a pleasant summery street, playfully exploring the surroundings, like on a vacation. It seems like it may be in India. I have gone ahead, and now find myself proudly riding a black cow. I feel like a little girl. My cow and others nearby are decorated with little bright pink ribbons, one per cow, and I find it delightful. My cow stops and puts its head down and I have to hold on tight. My boyfriend catches up and I am beaming at him about the beautiful cows.

    Next, we are both in prison. It is an inner-city prison that feels more like a mental institution. We have been there several days, but I am only now daring to come out into the common outdoor area, which is actually a surprisingly nice courtyard. My boyfriend is sitting at a table, playing cards or chess with another man. He sees me and watches me. I notice several women who are as traumatized as I am and who wander aimlessly, mumbling to themselves. I tentatively explore the courtyard and see a statue of elephants and children. I feel incredibly reassured by the presence of my boyfriend and very much in love.

  4. Significant life event: Three weeks ago, my life as I know it was unhinged and I face many negative consequences, even prison, because of the actions of my boyfriend.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: We have no real communication at the moment and I have been wrestling with whether to terminate our relationship.
  6. Associations: I like cows. I'm vegetarian. To me, cows represent nurturing motherhood. I had another dream where my boyfriend and I are both in prison and his presence reassured me.
  7. Category: Recurring
  8. Pen Name: Anna

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Riding an animal, or being guided by a benevolent animal in a dream is often a powerful signal to return to, and trust, your deepest nature.

While cows are not normally symbols of power, these cows are evocative of the magic of loving life. In dreams, when a friendly animal or bird allows us to ride it, this is often a message of encouragement from the very soul of the dreamer. Dreams like this can be interpreted as saying: let your instincts, your intuition and your deepest nature be your guide. Such dreams often occur when we have lost our way or feel overwhelmed by multiple responsibilities that pull us off center and overload our sense of logic. Typically, we feel pulled by the seas of emotion, and try to rescue ourselves with the incisiveness of logic. When this happens, we always feel there is an enemy within; no matter which strength takes charge; we always ache for the underdog. Yet this dream shows there is another, less divisive power within. The pure wisdom of your own truth can be trusted. Invite your instincts and intuition to speak clearly and to accelerate your strengths.

The scene in the prison suggests a feeling of being trapped by circumstances, as if your whole being has been encapsulated by crisis. People who are sensitive or care deeply are vulnerable to losing their sense of self, and their certainty of purpose, when disaster strikes and when someone they love is involved. This dream hints loudly that this is a time to put your priorities at center stage, and to keep faith with what you believe. If you are true to yourself, then the other decisions that loom ahead will be easier to make and simpler to understand. Return to the beginning; return to you.

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