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Dream 01_200903

Dream of the Month (March 2009)
  1. Title: The Three Scorpions
  2. Date of the Dream: 2009 (mailed Wednesday, 4 February 2009)
  3. Dream: I dreamt of open boxes of scorpions moving along on a conveyer belt. It was daytime; I was on some kind of horizontal pole or ladder on top of the conveyer belt, looking down at the scorpions. I was trying to crawl to the other side to get away from them, because they were jumping up to pinch me. They were lobster size and were orange.

    Each of them had a very small left pincher, and an oversized right pincher. They would try to jump up and pinch me with the oversized right pincher.

    The dream was followed by two interesting coincidences: In real life, the next day, my best friend called and told me that she had had a dream about scorpions, which happened to be the same night as my dream. Her dream was a little different, taking place in a dessert at nighttime with human size black scorpions. She also told me that her 3-year-old son had picked his t-shirt with a scorpion on it to wear that morning.

  4. Significant life event: Abstinence
  5. Personal concerns/issues: A lot of changes in lifestyle-and a relationship- trying to get used to them.
  6. Associations: Looking up in a dream dictonary someone told me that I might be afraid to be happy?
  7. Category: Anomalous
  8. Pen Name: Starr

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Menacing creatures in dreams suggest a feeling of threat from a situation, or a group of people.

Scorpions are typically symbols of power. When their menacing quality is emphasized in the symbol's presentation, we can infer that they are representing a situation in the dreamer's life where she feels threatened and intermittently “stung,” perhaps by the words or behavior of others. When a dream presents a single threatening creature, it often reflects a single bully or negative person in waking life. This dream presents a conveyer belt of menacing scorpions, so it is more likely the threat is associated with a group of people, or some situation where she feels attacked in numerous ways. Orange is a color associated with emotion, so while the threat may have a variety of presentations, what is getting hurt are her feelings. The large size of the scorpions suggests that this difficulty is becoming magnified in some way. When something is larger than life in a dream, it has become “a big deal,” in the dreamer's experience. The conveyer belt hints that this difficulty is encountered in her working life, or in some part of her life that is like an assembly line. The enlarged right-sided pinchers may symbolize that the energy is somehow male, or more masculine than feminine. When dreams have real-life follow up coincidences or synchronicities, it is may be a signal to pay special attention to the dream itself. This dream suggests stressors and imbalances are taking a subjective toll on this dreamer; it is time for her to take definite steps to nourish and restore herself in her personal time, and if possible, to reframe or reinterpret what may seem like the harshness of others.

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