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Dream 01_200811

Dream of the Month (November 2008)
  1. Title: Death Sentence
  2. Date of the Dream: 2008 (mailed Wednesday, 1 October 2008)
  3. Dream: I was in a group of about six people who had been accused of a crime. Our sentence was death, by having our throats slit with a razor blade. One man in the group was picked as the designated cutter. The severity of the wounds was at his discretion. He could cut our throats completely, so that we would exit instantly. Or he could just wound us to the point that we lost enough blood to pass out, but didn't exit. He had to cut his own throat, as well. He would cut my throat, just enough to make me pass out. Then I would awaken again. This went on for several days. We were not imprisoned, and I was still trying to interact with my family. Occasionally the wounds would bleed; I'd put my hand up and pull it back to see blood on my fingertips. As the days went on, I saw one after another of our group drop to the ground, dead. About the third day of this, my neck began to bleed heavily. I was with my mother and daughter, and suddenly blood began gushing out of my throat. I thought to myself, "Thank God, I'm going to exit this time." My blood was splattering all over their faces. I felt horrible for them, seeing me exit that way. I said: "I'm sorry! I love you!" and lost consciousness. Unfortunately, even that didn't kill me, and I awoke again. I saw the designated cutter, and the wounds on his neck were nothing but tiny scratches. I looked at myself in a mirror and there were two long, elliptical gashes on either side of my esophagus. As I moved my head up and down, they opened and closed, like eyes.
  4. Significant life event: None
  5. Personal concerns/issues: Discussing with my sister regarding how to resolve a complicated and difficult situation.
  6. Associations: None
  7. Category: Nightmare
  8. Pen Name: Sarah

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: When we dream of something slowly killing us in a dream, we are typically struggling with a situation so draining, that we can actually feel as if our life force is being depleted by it.

This stunning dream, so beautifully told, is an example of the “slow death” theme. It underscores a subjective loss of energy, a feeling of injustice and confinement. It is probable that this dreamer is being wounded by negativity at work as well as at home, but that one or the other is reaching a critical mass. When are weakened by battles or suffering, minor challenges drain our normal reserves. Wounds to the throat suggest a loss of personal voice, or a need to keep quiet, which can also deplete one's strength. There are a number of references to losing consciousness and then waking up: even the wounds of the throat open and close like eyes. This suggests the dreamer has been going back and forth between tolerating and changing, accepting and making a plan. One of the gifts of crisis dreams is their ability to illustrate injustice and articulate suffering, so that we can make no mistake. This dreamer has immense intelligence and deep compassion: if she turns her gifts towards staying conscious and designing change, she will succeed in reclaiming her voice, her strength, and her freedom.

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