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Dream 01_200810

Dream of the Month (October 2008)
  1. Title: Raining Planes
  2. Date of the Dream: 2008 (mailed Wednesday, 1 October 2008)
  3. Dream: I was walking down the road where I had lived for eleven years when I was married. It was night. I looked up and saw the lights of an airplane headed toward me. I suddenly realized that there was a problem at the airport (less than 10 miles from my house) and they were trying to land all the planes on this road! The road was inadequate for this. I ran for cover as the plane skidded, crashed and caught on fire. Several more planes and one police helicopter, all crashed and burned. I had to keep running for cover as each one came down around me.
  4. Significant life event: None
  5. Personal concerns/issues: None
  6. Associations: None
  7. Category: Nightmare
  8. Pen Name: Sarah

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: When we dream of witnessing a plane crash from the ground, we are struggling with feelings of responsibility and protectiveness toward some group or person in waking life.

This dream is not only about witnessing a series of disasters, but also being endangered by the fall-out from them. The explosiveness of these crashes implies a real life situation that is in some way volatile, unpredictable, possibly with an element of rage or danger involved.

The dream suggests a sense of crisis, overload, and a growing awareness that she cannot be the “site” upon which all crash landings take place. (The road is inadequate for this). If she is to take a supportive role, she must also become a strong advocate for her own survival, maintain strong boundaries and support her health and vitality. Likely, she knows what she should do for herself, but focuses habitually upon others as her priority. This dream is an alarming vision, but also a healthy nudge to give herself the depth of kindness she so often directs toward others.

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