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Dream 01_200806

Dream of the Month (June 2008)
  1. Title: The Deliberate Airplane Crash
  2. Date of the Dream: 2008 (mailed Monday, 19 May 2008)
  3. Dream: I am in a small airplane with my husband and he is flying. As we climb in altitude, I note to my husband that I'm starting to feel afraid of heights, which is odd, because I've never been afraid before. He says that he's feeling the same way, strangely. The airplane then starts to fall out of the air, flipping and spinning. I scream for my husband to do something, but he says that he won't. We crash on the ground, unharmed, but the airplane is broken in two. My husband then explains to me that we just broke the world record on how fast you can land an airplane - we just did it in 10.5 seconds. I'm furious that he put me through that in order to "break the record."
  4. Significant life event: We had a nice weekend together, spending some quality time with our son.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: My husband's mother lives with us to take care of our son during the days while we work, but she and my husband don't get along. They had a fight a few days before the dream and he wants her to move out. My husband has been so grumpy and depressed over the situation that he takes it out on me, which has caused a lot of stress in our marriage.
  6. Associations: There is clearly some symbolism in the concept of "breaking" - he broke the airplane, and broke a record. The airplane may symbolize our marriage - us both along for the ride, him in the drivers seat, but ultimately driving us into the ground. It's very depressing.
  7. Category: None Apply
  8. Pen Name: RW

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Airplane crashes can represent the failure of an idea or a group endeavor.

This dream appears to depict an experiment that has failed. Something that once felt like a viable method has crashed. While the dreamer would consider salvaging the situation and making it work, her husband's character seems to want to call it a day. This division breaks the plane in two, suggesting an emotional rift may be occurring. Since they are both experiencing a fear of heights, it is likely some of their tension is due to their current pursuits of achievement, and the necessary stresses that accompany that sort of climb in altitude. If the husband character does indeed represent the dreamer's real life husband, then it is likely he wishes to make a break with the past, to eliminate the recording in his mind, the script, as psychologists would say, thus he is going to great lengths to break the record in this sense. If this is true, the dreamer needs to maintain awareness that this scenario is not so much about her, as it is about the past and an attempt to sort through strong reactions to personal history.

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