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Dream 01_200805

Dream of the Month (May 2008)
  1. Title: Walking With A Lioness
  2. Date of the Dream: 4/12/2008 (mailed Saturday, 12 April 2008)
  3. Dream: I was walking in an open, sandy, grassy area with scattered trees. Near me, walking in the same direction as I, was a huge, powerful female lion. She was a genuine wild lion and I was a little nervous about what she might do, but I wasn't truly afraid. We both just happened to be walking in the same direction. In my hand, I had a wire coat hanger that had been straightened out. Periodically, I would reach out and tap her body with it, gently, not to irritate her, just to remind her that this was as close as I wanted her to get and no closer - and she accepted that. We were both walking towards the sun that was getting low in the late afternoon sky.
  4. Significant life event: Six months of extreme stress and anxiety about a court decision affecting the man I love and thus me came to a good conclusion 12 days ago.
  5. Personal concerns/issues: The day before the dream, I bought a new music CD and absolutely love it and it reminded me of things I enjoy and how I've been neglecting joy and pleasure over this stressful period.
  6. Associations: The main characteristic of the lioness that stood out to me was how powerful she was ... yet she didn't use her strength. I was in awe of her.
  7. Category: Anomalous
  8. Pen Name: Anna

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Powerful wild creatures in dreams often remind us of resources of power or courage within ourselves.

This dream suggests you are coming into greater awareness of a strength and deep power that you may have only seen in yourself intermittently. Friendly, if wild, creatures in our dreams that travel with us can be viewed as inner companions along the way: appearing in our dreams to hint at reservoirs of strength, courage and instinct that we lose sight of or do not credit ourselves as possessing. It is as if the thoughtful, reasonable side of your nature is in harmony and partnership with your instinct and intuition. This is a powerful and wonderful place to be in life, and even if you are dealing with challenges, it will help you to walk in the awareness that you are aligned inside. Your mind and heart are walking together wanting the same things right now, in mutual respect and understanding. This is a point of power in life, a window of opportunity. If you have creative ideas percolating, take them seriously. If you have been asked to fill a leadership role, accept the offer. This is a time when you can make things happen and fulfill some of your wildest ideas. Trust yourself and walk steadily in the direction you have chosen.

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