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Dream 01_200804

Dream of the Month (April 2008)
  1. Title: Forbidden Tower House
  2. Date of the Dream: 9/1/2007 (mailed Wednesday, 19 March 2008)
  3. Dream: My family is moving into a tall, mansion-style house that is broken down. They send me to clean part of this house and I climb many different staircases to get to the bedrooms.

    Some rooms appear normal with antique beds and blue-flowered wallpaper; others are purple with green wallpaper. The doors to each room are different sizes; I am drawn to one with a very small door. I hear wind and voices on the other side. The door is not locked, but jammed, and I struggle to open it. Voices behind the door cry for help and scream in pain; other voices laugh that I have come to help them. I become short of breath struggling to open the door. I am just about to give up when it opens. I see ghostly images inside that vaporize and are gone. The room becomes empty, except for one older woman who is crying. She tells me if I leave her, they will return to torture her. I try to stay with her, but my family starts to call me. I step out of the room to answer my family and the door slams shut. I awaken.

  4. Significant life event: I don't remember
  5. Personal concerns/issues: I don't remember
  6. Associations: Healing after a stroke in 2003
  7. Categories: Anomalous, Nightmare, Psychic Experience, and Recurring
  8. Pen Name: Brokensparrow

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Locked doors in dreams sometimes represent feelings or experiences that have become taboo, either through fear, or because it is more convenient for the world if we do not go there.

This dreamer appears to feel conflict between the agenda of external life, represented by the family, and her wish to rescue some energy, represented by the ghosts behind the jammed door. She has had an arduous climb, up many staircases, and at times considered giving up her struggle. Yet she values the energy represented by the trapped ghosts. The way inside is small, and feels stuck, though the dream shows the door is not actually locked. The question now is not whether she can succeed, but whether she can maintain her focus, despite external distractions and demands, to reclaim what she feared she lost. She must take the long view, pacing herself to redeem what is most precious to her. As long as she does not give up, and has compassion for her process, she will succeed.

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