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Dream 01_200801

Dream of the Month (January 2008)
  1. Title: Sharks, Alligators, And Slugs

  2. Date of the Dream: 11/30/2007 (mailed Saturday, 1 December 2007)

  3. Dream: I'm at a hotel, looking at the ocean from the terrace. The hotel is on a cliff, and the water comes right up to the face of the hotel. I see a large shark swimming back and forth; I call my fiancee to come and look at it. Suddenly there is a 50-foot-long alligator there with a mouth the size of a car. The alligator's mouth comes up to the terrace, and there are hundreds of 4-foot-long alligators everywhere. I run out of the hotel and find myself next to a muddy pool of water. Around the pool, I see hundreds of slugs. I carefully try to exit the area without stepping on them.

  4. Significant life event: I got laid off a few days earlier.

  5. Personal concerns/issues: I'm concerned about restarting the interview process.

  6. Associations: I have a lot of hidden fears.

  7. Categories: Anomalous and Nightmare

  8. Pen Name: Julie's Dreams

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking Characteristics: Sharks and alligators can represent problems that are difficult to handle because they are associated with personal fears.

This dream shows the three types of worries this dream is up against: criticism, overwhelm and unpleasantness (sharks, alligators and slugs respectively). When devouring creatures arise out of a body of water, this suggests there is a new situation or specific environment the dreamer is being challenged to enter: one that may be scary because it is new, unknown, or seems filled with potential critics or judgment. Unwanted change can be a trigger for this type of dream, as can graduating from one situation and being informed it is “time” to do something harder, bigger and more challenging. Fear can make us feel immobilized, “sluggish” and unable to make a decision. This is when it is helpful to take small, systematic steps to move forward, tackling one thing at a time. We do not always get that inner green light to take a leap; sometimes we have to proceed by a certain will power to do the right thing, and then our feelings and motivation will catch up with us down the road.

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