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Dream 01_200704

Dream of the Month (April 2007)
  1. Title: Rising Tide

  2. Date of the Dream: 3/20/2007 (mailed Monday, 26 March 2007)

  3. Dream: I am walking along a beach at dusk with my husband. The tide is beginning to rise quickly so we start to run. He is running in the direction of rocks and asking me to come along with him; and I am heading for the shore, which I feel is safer. Then I wake up.

  4. Significant life event: Got married

  5. Personal concerns/issues: We are adjusting to our new marriage

  6. Associations: Because of my serious health issues, our adjustment to each other is strained

  7. Category: Psychic Experience

  8. Pen Name: Anonymous

Dr. Holloway's Comments:

Striking characteristics: Dreams that take place at the seashore often reflect times of change and transition; a psychological “edge” that can be good or bad, but is usually emotionally a stretch or challenge.

Although this dream is brief, it is loaded with significant symbolism. The shore suggests the dreamer is involved in a situation that has taken her to the “edge” of where she has been before, thus a test or challenge is involved in this passage of her life. The rising tide suggests a sense of pressure or a “tide” of new and different feelings washing around this situation. Finally, the action takes place at dusk, another time of transition, when the obvious (daylight) is changing into the unknown (night). The basic instinct is to reach for safety, the familiar and the known. The solution to such a passage is time, patience, and kindness. Being gentle with our panicky feelings, our reluctance to change, and our confusion can take much of the pressure out of transition. It does not need to be perfect, and it can and should be done gently.

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